Untangle those emotions.

A trigger is the most important element for anybody to start. To start something. Anything. Take this blog for instance. I thought writing comes to me naturally. Clearly I was wrong. What comes to me naturally are thoughts and emotions, tangled. Untangling those thoughts and emotions is one tedious task, a procrastinator’s distant priority, a ...

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Go hug a parent today

They needn’t  be yours. Any parent you spot, go hug one. The other day I was driving along the sea face and saw a father helping his kid ride a bicycle. I immediately recalled the day my dad offered to take me to school on the cycle and I remember how embarrassed I was with ...

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Make it count!

So, I missed a week. Not that any one missed me but it feels good to start a write up with a line like that. It was my birthday week and like the wheel of fortune, I had my own wheel of thoughts I had to spin to help me settle on what I wanted ...

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Of losses and gains…

I figure everyone with an eye for business will end up getting curious enough to start reading this article but I am sorry to disappoint you. When I am writing about losses and gains, I am implying the darker paths of deaths, and lessons gained out of it. I was at a funeral yesterday, my ...

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