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Shankar Dixit

Student (Smt. Sulochanadevi Singhania- Thane)

….usually when i have to remember things i go back to my diary but Shaishav sir is totally etched in my memory..now that just goes on to show how unique he really is because he has taught me almost 4 years back and you only remember things you cherish….when he came for his very first lecture i knew it was something different because he came in with this cool casual attitude not very usual with professors…have to admit i gave this “HE is gonna teach us??” look to my friend…but OMG! When he started teaching it was just what we wanted…to not just stare into the chapter and only know what’s in it..at the end of it, it was like you studied what you had to but knew a lot of other things as well…i mean we really did “learn” what the chapter was about…that’s what learning English became then..and most importantly he became a friend…not just a professor who did his job and went back home..you totally get addicted to him…severely cool person!!!



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